The Last Soldier /Nature of the Beast - A kindle E book by James Weatherford
Most of us, at one time or another, have wished for a world free of disease. Imagine if you will that this miracle has come to pass. A wonder drug has been discovered, deep in the rain forest. Not only does it cure our most devastating diseases, but it also slows the aging process in the human body.
Now, fast forward ten years. The population has quadrupled over the last decade. Our resources have been depleted to the point they can no longer sustain us. The government has declared martial law; in effect suspending the constitution. Birth control is implemented through food additives and forced sterilization. The population has been forced to move to distribution centers to receive the government commodities, because food from any other source has been outlawed. Anyone who refuses to submit to this relocation has been charged with dissention and labeled a fugitive to be hunted and killed, or captured and sent to a work camp for life. When the opposition gains enough strength revolution erupts, the fragile infrastructure collapses and the government plans to use extreme measures to regain control.
Nature has shown us that when a species outgrows its environment the results are starvation, violence and potentially cannibalism. Now, that species is human and as nature dictates, only the strongest survive to propagate the species.