The Libra Affair - A suspense Kindle eBook by Daco

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Review by Novels Alive TV:

With a plot akin to hit silver screen action thrillers, Daco jumps into the deep end of an international spy love story with her romantic suspense, THE LIBRA AFFAIR. Daco wastes no time getting right to the point, leaving all character build-up and background to be expertly disbursed among the action and instead choosing to thrust the reader directly into the complicated life of CIA operative and double agent Jordan Jakes.

The entire read was entertaining and fast-paced. Jordan must give up the man she falls in love with in order to finish the job she started with the CIA to pull off a global political power play. With her life, and Ben's, on the line, Jordan has to switch gears when Ben refuses to accept the end of their relationship and follows her to the Middle East where he unwittingly entangles himself in Jordan's secret and dangerous life.

"Surviving takes more than being one step ahead of their enemies. Jordan and Ben must peel back the layers of their emotional armor to overcome a series of obstacles before they can accomplish Jordan's mission. If they have any hope of making it out of the Middle East alive and forming a lasting relationship, they must surrender to love."

The entire read was entertaining and fast-paced. There were no slow builds or moments where my attention span wandered. While full of what I assume is common "spy-speak", the terms and phrases were explained immediately and in a way that did not distract me from the story but instead drew me further into Jordan's world and all the danger it holds. This is actually my first suspense novel, and I find, paired with romance, it's a genre I could be fan of, as long as Daco is writing them!