The Robinsons' Dark Matter - A Young Adult Science Fiction kindle ebook by Michael Raymond

FREE July 17-18 (kindle version only)

"A brilliant science fiction novel...cross-generation"
"A fun read...and dark"

When Victoria Robinson told her brother their parents were secretly aliens, Nate assumed his younger sister was just spinning her usual conspiracy theories. After their front door was broken down in the middle of the night and both parents were abducted by bizarre assailants armed with teleporting tazers, he didn't know what to believe.

The siblings soon find themselves facing a mysterious enemy that wants Earth for itself, and forge a tenuous alliance with a top-secret government agency in a race to save the planet…and rescue Mom & Dad. Along the way they uncover pieces of their parents' past and the teenagers begin to realize that both sides are manipulating them in a dangerous and elaborate game.

"Whether you love sci-fi or young-adult novels in general, The Robinsons' Dark Matter is definitely for you."