The Strange Michael Folmer Affair by John Rigbey

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Well, to start, let me tell you that "Michael Folmer" is an anagram, so perhaps you want to tinker with that for a while – it's not very hard, I promise!

"Folmer" is John Rigbey's first book and, as the author is an ex Scotland Yard detective, you would expect it to be a mystery/police procedural and you would be right. In addition to the reviews on Amazon, these might interest you:

"…a puzzle: the fingerprints match those of a man hanged for murder fifty years before….. well written and meticulously researched".
Plymouth Evening Herald.

"I couldn't put it down".
Anon – Totnes, Devon.

"What a story! …. I found my hand shaking and my heart in my mouth".
Yvette from Hull for Browns Books.

"Ex-detective John Rigbey has produced a cracker of a twisting and turning plot for his debut novel…."
James Morton (the "Gangland" series and countless other best sellers).

"Rigbey had my blood cold and my head spinning….."
B. Hasell – "Red-eye reader for Amazon Books".

."…your novel had a real punch… there are many authors on various publishing houses books that are nowhere near your standard….thanks once again for such a good read….."
Unsolicited e mail from Liam Taylor, Plymouth.

"John Rigbey – a new Rankin? – when do we see Inspector Gregory's next outing?"
Marc Seccombe, Amber Legal Services, Plymouth.

A good read for a boring day on the beach or – as one reviewer says – "buy it at Heathrow and you won't put it down till you get to JFK". Not recommended for reading in bed alone, though – or for those of nervous disposition who live in large isolated houses with creaking floorboards and constantly failing lighting!

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