The Tower - kindle ebook by Gill James

A science fiction story for young people aged 14+. 

The Tower is the third and final (I think!) part of the Peace Child trilogy. The mystery of the Babel prophecy is almost unravelled for the reader and for Kaleem but not quite. A little bit of the mystery remains. Just in case. You never know.  I only said I thought it was the final part. And because young adults and other readers like a bit of a mystery.

What is a Peace Child and what must he do?

Well in the first volume The Prophecy he has to learn all about different cultures, in the second, Babel, he deals with euthanasia and over-population and in this third one he is confronted with a failing economy.

But there's much more to all of the stories than that. Kaleem is a living, breathing, young adult man who just happens to have the weight of the world on his shoulders as well as all of the other problems that people of his age have to face.

There is a glossary for those people who have not read the first two volumes and if you read it through before you start on the main volume you'll pretty well have the back story.