Defiant Passion - Kindle ebook by Anna Markland

A medieval romance novella FREE for a limited time

Here's a review from A Bookish Affair:

This story took me to another time and place. This book is another one that was set in a time that I was unfamiliar with. The year is 1066. England and Wales are at deep odds with each other. Rhodri and Rhonwen come from very different sides of the issue. Rhodri is a Welsh prince who wants freedom for all of Wales. Rhonwen is a more subdued healer in the house of an English nobleman. Rhodri abducts Rhonwen and the nobleman's family in order to press his point of Welsh freedom.

It is the first book in a series. The story was very neat. You really do fall for the characters. I liked Rhonwen. I liked Rhodri. I really, really like Morwenna, another woman who uses her... uh... womanly wiles to get her way. She's a really interesting character to watch. She's kind of terrible to those around her unless they can offer her something and then she's as sweet as they come. Luckily for many of the characters in the book, they see right through her and know exactly what she is up to. Sometimes its fun to like the really, really bad characters. It's so much fun to pour a glass of haterade over a bad character.

The romance in the book was good. There are a lot of steamy scenes that definitely steal your attention away.

Bottom line: This is a light, fast read that would be a perfect vacation read!