To St Petersburg With Love - kindle ebook by Mel Cormican

"To St Petersburg With Love" is not an easy book to categorise. Is it a travelogue or is it a book about fulfilling your dreams? Is it a romance? Is it a drama? Is it a witty tale? Is it a book of memories? Is it a philosophical book trying to discover the essence of living? The answer is it is all of the above. It is a quirky, easy to read, feel good book, that is perfect for those who yearn to break out of the mundane and go on a road trip of discovery.

The book is about two unfit, amateur cyclists - Mel and Craig - trying to achieve an impossibly long roundtrip to the edge of Europe and back in a 40 day period by bicycle.  The question is: would their bodies and their friendship survive the ordeal? For Craig, this trip was a chance to escape for a while a relationship that was on the rocks. For Mel, it was a chance to distract himself from the loneliness of being single. 

Beginning in Southeast England, they set off for St Petersburg in Russia, with just the most rudimentary planning done. They would live off their wits and attempt to get there by hook or by crook.

This book gives a vivid account of 11 Northern European countries in an easy to read style that will draw you into the drama from page one.

One reviewer said of To St Petersburg With Love: "Just wanted to say that I am totally absorbed by the book, it's language, the easy-flowing story, the sense of pricelessness of the experience, which I am picking up through every word of it... It's a marvellous writing and I simply can't get enough of it. It's one of those books, which you do want to read from the beginning to the end with no interruption, and at the same time you do not want to ever reach its last page, as this would mean the end of a truly magic journey!"