Beateous Black and the Mysterious Forest - kindle ebook by Marilyn Bradford

Never before has history bestowed upon us a fairy tale such as the legend of Beauteous Black. The narrative of this beautiful Moorish maiden, Beauteous Black has forged its way through time and traveled throughout the centuries. The fairy tale begins with the Moorish conquest of Spain starting in the year (711-1492 A.D.). This fascinating folk story has persisted right down to our present age. The reader's will be intrigued as the story unfolds and they experience and relive the mysterious world of Beauteous Black. They will encounter as did La Negra Hermosa (Beauteous Black) a myriad of whimsical creatures and such was their miraculous nature, Beauteous could communicate with them. During an enchanting time long ago there was a place far away within the realm of the Mysterious Forest. At the birth of Beauteous, ill winds had already begun to disturb the manor of El Black, Beauteous' father. The stage was now set and the players were well rehearsed and ready to perform. You will be there when a deceptive plot is formed by Beauteous' jealous sisters. Prepare to flee the notorious and ferocious wart hogs as Beauteous does. The reader will be delighted by the Mysterious Forest and its bizarre characters, with animated trees and flowers. Meet Hagara, the white bellies go away bird, which is indeed an original chatter box. Also, meet Noruba, the old wise gorilla and Kumá the feisty little monkey who loves bananas. This tale spins with jealousy, anger, fear, sadness and triumphs in love. Beauteous Black and the Mysterious Forest is the first black fairy tale of its kind and will become a folk story for all ages. I entreat you, come enter the fantasy world of "Beauteous Black and the Mysterious Forest."