Fathers House- Kindle ebook by C. Edward Baldwin


Fathers House is a home for wayward boys. Its proprietor, Mayo Fathers has made it his life work to be father to the many boys who don't have one. Many of the boys grow up to become valuable contributors to society, including Duraleigh's assistant district attorney, Ben Lovison. 

     Ben moved to Fathers House at the age of thirteen, shortly after the brutal murder of his mother in broad daylight in front of their home. It was Mayo Fathers who encouraged Ben to finish school, attend college and law school. Uncle Mayo (as he liked his boys to call him), was also instrumental in getting Ben his job with the district attorney's office. But eight years later after the salvage, fatal beating of one of the city's teenagers, Ben soon learns that Fathers House has a dark side and a seedy connection with the city of Duraleigh. He also discovers that Fathers House was involved in the death of his mother and the disappearance of the father that he never met. 

     Fathers House is about fathers and sons. It's a cautionary tale for fathers who are present in their sons' lives and especially for those who are not. If you're not raising your son, someone or something will.