Four Given - kindle ebook by Malo Bel

Four Given by Malo Bel – The Mystery of Godliness -

My story started on a beach, a strange place for a journey to begin,
but nothing compared to where it would lead me!

Near the end of a relaxing vacation I was walking by myself towards
the beach showers. As I walked I was thinking about my life. Something
is wrong! My life is all about what I want, what I do, what I feel.
Where's God? I suddenly felt empty, like it was all "me" and no
"Jesus". I was so shallow. So self obsessed. And so I asked him,
"Lord, how do I let go of me and take in more of you? Please Lord,
help me! I want to let go! I want to be filled with you."

However, rather than an answer I got a question back - "How do you let go?"

What do you mean 'How do you let go?'" And so for a while I pondered
his question, "How do you let go?"

"Of course! It's obvious," I replied, "If you have to let go something
you have to open your hand."

What does it mean to open your hand?" he asked.

"I suppose an open hand is a hand that gives," I replied. "Must my
journey to you begin with giving?"

"Of course!" It suddenly hit me. "Is not giving the defining act of
love? 'God so loved the world that he GAVE his only son...' And then
like a flash God's holy name leapt into my mind, and I looked and saw
and was stunned. There at the very start of His name is the smallest
of all Hebrew letters, the letter Yod (י). The very name of God, which
defines Him, begins with an open hand, with the ultimate demonstration
of love, with giving.

Is it a message to us, a journey we should take? I could feel the
overwhelming sense of God's presence wash over me, as I stood there
lost in my communion with him. There was a discovery, a journey that
God was calling me on.

However as quick as the excitement arose so too did my doubt. Was this
really a path God was revealing to me or was it just the vain
imaginations of my mind? "Maybe I am just imagining hearing him,
imagining his answers. It's all in my mind. Maybe…." At that exact
moment my thoughts were interrupted by a voice.

"Excuse me," she said. I turned around to find one of the girls who
had been showering talking to me. "What are you thinking about?" I was
blown away. Why would a complete stranger ask me what I am thinking
about? How did she even know I was thinking anything and not just
staring at the sea? Startled, I stammered, "Umm, I was thinking
about…about a path. A path to God." And before I knew it I was sharing
everything with her, a complete stranger. I was giving voice, my voice
to the silent conversation in my heart.

She listened intently, and then smiling said, "Wow. That's deep, very
deep." And with that she turned and walked off leaving me with my
doubt washed away. For no sooner had doubt crept in that God had
spoken, than God made me give voice to what I had heard, with my very
own mouth. No sooner had doubt crept in than a complete stranger would
say about someone despairing in his shallowness, "That's deep, very

And so began my journey, and my calling to write this story, and the
beginning of many more miracles.

As someone who loves a good mystery, especially a real one, you can
imagine how mind blowing it was for me to discover a mystery so
important, so divine, so life changing, hidden within the very name of
God! This is not some cleverly constructed fiction, something we read,
enjoy and put aside. This is a map, a journey, a vital path for every
single human being, encoded in the holy letters of God's name. A
journey that begins with a small open hand but that ends in a place
called Eternity.

I invite you to join me on my journey to discover the very mystery of
Godliness and life eternal in the most startling of ways. A journey
that will leave you changed…forever.

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