Give Your Baby a Higher IQ Through Better Nutrition - kindle ebook by Jessica Ramer
If you are expecting a baby, you want the best for him--a good childhood, an excellent education, a satisfying career, and a happy marriage. To have all these things, your child must have a high IQ. Studies show that brighter people not only earn more money, they live longer and have happier marriages.
A high IQ starts with good nutrition before conception, during pregnancy, and after the child is born.  High intelligence also depends on avoiding IQ-stealers like prematurity, low birth weight, and high cortisol levels.
Based on information published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, Give Your Baby a Higher IQ Through Better Nutrition teaches you what to eat and how to reduce high cortisol levels, which can cost your baby up to 5 IQ points. The book explores breastfeeding research: yes, breastfeeding really does raise children's IQ but only if it is done properly and for the right length of time. You will also learn how to reduce the risk of prematurity and low birth weight as well as how to select the proper water filter to reduce the number of toxins that could harm your baby.  Also explored are the potentially harmful effects of electromagnetic fields, especially those from wireless devices like routers and cell phones. You will also learn how to feed your baby after it is born: studies show that mothers who fed their infants the right way had children with IQs up to  6 points higher--after controlling for maternal IQ, income, and quality of the home environment.
Give your baby the best life possible by nourishing his brain the right way.