Gorgeously Full Fat - Kindle ebook by Sarah Clark

This is the book you need to read if you think you're the only person who's been on what feels like a million and one diets but still gained weight, joined the new gym in town over and over and not managed to shift the fat, and blamed yourself while eating doughnuts in desperation.
Sarah Clark was the hamster on the diet treadmill for over twenty years, and when she finally got off, her head was spinning. What do you do when you don't diet any more? How do you bond with the women in the office when you can't talk about calories, and if your husband is in love with your best friend and they both want to do Weight Watchers, how hard is it to explain that you're not on a diet anymore, even when you weigh over 200 pounds?
This book busts a few myths about dieting, and living as a fat girl, with a hefty dose of humour and a look back at some of the silly weight loss trends over the past 25 years. Susan Powter anyone? Callanetics?
In part two, Sarah also busts the myth that nobody fancies a fat girl. She dated men from ten years younger to five years older than herself, slim and athletic, tall, short and very large. Not forgetting the one with the bushy ginger beard!
Part three of Gorgeously Full Fat gives you hints, tips and stories from many other women (and men) who've been stuck in the diet trap and escaped, how they managed it and how great it feels not to obsess over calories any more.
This is the book for you if you really, really can't bear the thought of another diet, but you need a bit of persuading to give up the people pleasing and the fat talk, and just live like you love yourself...

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