A Killer in the Ozarks - fiction/suspense/thriller by H W Jackson

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A story of hardship, love, danger, violence, and growing up in the Ozarks Mountains in the early 1900’s.

Lukas McCoy was an orphan at a very early age. He never knew when he would eat or have a place to sleep. In spite of the hardship, he grew to learn only one person would take care of him, himself.

Go with us as we watch Lukas grow into young adulthood. He became self sufficient, with a strong young body, he learned to plant and harvest, to trap the fur bearing animals. And he became very good with a gun; very fast and very accurate.

When one of the Sharp boys shot his friend in the back, it started a mountain feud that lasted several years and took the life of many of it’s participants.

The beautiful Sarah that Lukas loved, tried to tame him, and most of the time it worked. But from time to time, as the hatred grew in the breast of old Martha Sharp, violence would erupt in the hills, and the grave diggers would go to work.

As Lukas grew older, and learned he could make money doing what he really loved to do, which was raise horse’s, he tried to draw away from his violent past, to put aside his gun. People just wouldn’t let him.

So he became a hard man in a hard land.

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