Imperfect Pairings - kindle ebook by Jackie Townsend

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2013 Indie Reader Discovery Award Winner for Chick Lit

This is no typical Italian romance…hear what reviewers are saying:

"The mystery, beauty and complexities of culture, family and love are revealed through the relationship between a seemingly mismatched American woman and an Italian man…Townsend has crafted a compelling and intricate story that masterfully explores culture, love and relationships with haunting beauty and keen perception" – Indie Reader

"As a granddaughter of Italian immigrants, I have always been drawn to stories set in Italy. So often they are stereotypical…wine, beautiful countrysides, simplicity, good food. This novel does something most don't. It takes you to the inner nuances of the Italian ways…the mystery, the secrecy, the fact that so much is not spoken, is hidden, not discussed. I think the author got this right!" LibraryThing Early Reviewer

"…a love story not just for romance lovers, but for everyone who has been in a relationship, as they all will be able to relate while enjoying an entertaining, fun read which provides also a profound message about our choices in life. "Imperfect Pairings" is definitely at the top of my 2013 list for best books I have read this year!" – ReaderViews