Kids Alone One: a Caribbean adventure - kindle ebook by Alexander Cornwall

Kids Alone One a Caribbean adventure tells it as it is - a fast moving story of survival against the odds where kids alone battle the evils of the modern world.
In the second book in the series - Kids Alone Two the kids return to the Caribbean to exorcise past ghosts and find themselves battling against even greater odds to the very end - but then is it the end? 
'Where on earth did he learn to fire automatic weapons?' asked Natalie and shaking her head in disbelief, 'they don't teach that at school.'
'Terminator' said William all matter of fact about it, 'lock and load!'

An adventure in the Caribbean for both the young and older reader and if you don't like sharks…don't read the book!
Alexander Cornwall was born in England and has settled in Worcestershire where he writes military and other genre fiction under a different pseudonym.
Widely travelled his books draw on much of his own wild experience and adventures around the world.
The theme of the unexpected runs throughout his writing and the belief in the capability and potential of the young when given a chance is a theme close to his heart.
'Kids alone can do anything.'
An artist by training he paints in his leisure time between amusing his grandchildren and hiding away in his shed with a computer.  
'You don't have to be big, you only need a big heart and you can do anything I tell my grandchildren.'
'Come on, keep up grandad…'
Well almost anything.