The Naked Truth: The Naked Communist-Revisited - kindle ebook by James C. Bowers, Sc.D.

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The 2010 award winning documentary, AGENDA: Grinding America Down inspired this book.  In that film it discuses many predictions made over 50 years ago by a Mr. Cleon Skousen.  It was a fascinating study to investigate and see just how many had come true.  As a University Professor, I was used to research, but had never encountered anything as subtle as this.  Therefore this book is an analysis of a specific section in the book, The Naked Communist  by W. Cleon Skousen, published in 1961. The Section evaluated is entitled, "Current Communist Goals." From his FBI background, Mr. Skousen lists what he considered to be the top 45 Goals of the Communists, as of 1961.  The progress and status of each of these specific Goals (as of 2012) is carefully documented. Prepare to be shocked!


The web site:  discusses other facets of this study along with some endorsements from people who are experts in the field. Many of these key events have happened in the last few years without the public even being aware.  The most interesting part of this research was noting that many of the Goals listed in 1961 did not at that time seem to have any connection to communism, or politics in general and yet, one by one they all fit the pattern.