Laugh Out Loud! Pregnancy a kindle ebook by Sharon Irish
This eBook brings together pregnant Ladies' real life comedy moments for the enjoyment of other expectant Mothers or anyone who has young Children and can relate to pregnancy, and the joys of being a Mother-to-be.  Pregnancy can be tough on body and mind and this eBbook's aim is to provide a little entertainment during what can sometimes be a trying time.

Laugh Out Loud! Pregnancy is broken down into the following sections:-

  •        'Pregnancy/baby brain and hormones' - silly things said and done by Pregnant Women who are regularly controlled by their hormones. 
  •        'Pregnancy accidents and mishaps' caused by or related to the pregnancy 'bump'.
  •        Eventful and amusing 'Doctor's and Midwives appointments'.
  •        The misinformed and often misunderstood 'Fathers to be.' 
  •        Comments made by young children ('pregnancy and young children'), some of these being made to their Pregnant Mothers, Family              members, or even complete strangers.
 The experiences in the eBook highlight the difficulties of pregnancy, how Women cope with both the physical and mental aspects and how others react, often with unexpected consequences.  This eBook emphasizes that Kids really do say the funniest things as it includes extracts of real conversations held with young children who are trying to understand the concept of pregnancy and impact the new baby will have on them.
"When I was pregnant, with my first child I read books about pregnancy which were informative, but didn't really prepare me for the situations I sometimes found myself in.  After experiencing some embarrassing mishaps because of my bump and hearing a few funny stories from other Mothers to be, I was left wanting more. I knew from my own experience that Women can feel down at times during pregnancy, and I can honestly say that laughing at the misfortunes of other pregnant ladies helped improve my mood and make light of my own calamities."