New Encounters - kindle ebook by Helena Smith

New Encounters....Things are not as they seem. Bella Stone is an
intelligent 33 year old, who works her life away. Wishing for some
excitement in her life, she gets more than she could bargain for.
Parting from her soul mate many years earlier, she has never really
found anyone that has come close.... until now. But is he all that he
seems? New Encounters is full of twists and unexpected turns. A
romance that turns into an action packed whirlwind. As one reader
commented "Like 50 Shades of Grey mixed with Bourne. I love the way
there are parts of the book where your heart stops and parts of the
book that make you laugh."
Bella is a strong woman, but can she cope with what is about to be
thrown her way? This book contains some saucy scenes, not to mention
the Mafia, SAS and Deniable Operators.