Siblings and Secrets - a crime/family drama kindle ebook by E Gibbs

Every family has their secrets but some are worse than others!!

This book is an interesting new novel which tell the story of brothers and sisters who visit Hollywood to see a brother who has become a famous film star. It is part family drama and part thriller with a strong plot that will keep the reader guessing until the very end.

The story begins when Lucy and Bill are met at the airport to attend a Halloween party, which according to the tabloids will be the party of the year. But as it draws closer the secrets unfold and the biggest secret of all turns the celebration into Lucy's worst nightmare! 

This story is action packed and well written it has been given 5 stars and is described as a brilliant read!

The inspiration comes from a much loved family pet who had five adorable puppies each sharing their given names with the main characters of this book! 

Happy reading!