Snake on Saturdays - kindle ebook by Jean Gill

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The idea for 'Snake on Saturdays' came to author Jean Gill while she was driving back from a family camping holiday in France and she scribbled down the plot on the back of a tourist leaflet. She admits that some of the experiences in the novel are true and that she did sing the Yorkshire anthem 'Ilkley Moor B'at'at' on a Welsh street with some girl friends, while of dubious sobriety. The gay disco in London is also based on a real experience, where Jean found herself to be the only woman in the nightclub and finally got the message about the man with her.

All the places in the novel exist and a reader could trace the heroine Helen's footsteps from the cuddly marmots of St Geniez d'Olt in the Lot region of France, to the dolmens of Mynydd Llangedeyrne in rural south Wales, UK.

Research for the novel included a phone call to the French Embassy in London to find out what would happen if a UK citizen were involved in an accident in France. No amount of explanantion would convince the Embassy officials that Jean was a novelist not a criminal but they sent her a useful leaflet. Research also involved Jean's local vet and when he turned up at one of her readings, everyone in the room clapped, thinking him to be the origin of Helen's lover, Dai Evans. She assured everyone that only his knowledge of bovine diseases had been featured in the book but for some reason, again, no-one believed her.