Starved Rock - a Caine/D'arc mystery novel by D.J. Bart


(Reg. $8.99, Paperback $12.99)

In this breakout mystery novel, D.J. Bart introduces Gabriel Caine and
Rachel D'arc, private investigators headquartered in Albuquerque, but
now working a case in the Upper Mississippi Valley of Illinois:

Gabriel just might blow off his promise to help his sister, Paula, and
head on back to New Mexico and some paying clients . . . there's no love
lost between them, the enmity starting thirty years ago with a violent
incident that forced Gabriel out of the small town, never to return.
Until now.

It's a near certainty Paula is guilty of the horrific murder of her
abusive ex-husband, but as much as Gabriel wants to leave, he can't—a
promise is a . . . hell, in this case it's an iron clad agreement, made
between him and his elderly aunt, the only person alive Gabriel feels he

So, with his partner Rachel, Gabriel investigates the murder with scant
hope of proving Paula's innocence—they are shot at, kidnapped, and
assaulted from all directions. People and memories from his past years
keep him off balance and spiraling out of control as his never-ending
battle with internal demons puts him on the brink of disaster.