Steps Into Darkness - a Kindle book by Ben Woodard

I hope readers have as much fun reading Steps Into Darkness, as I did writing it. I get lost in
the story with the two boys on their adventures and when they get in
danger, I write faster to see what's going to happen. Crazy, huh? I
feel like I know the two cousins as if they were real, and, if I wrote
the story well, so will the reader. I felt sorry for them as I placed
them in one dangerous situation after another and they figured a way
out. But many times, not without consequences.

The story is set in 1923 and I've tried to immerse the reader in the
period without adding a lot of fluff to diminish the excitement. So
the book isn't for someone who enjoys flowery descriptions (and I
occasionally like those types of reads), but for a reader who likes a
white-knuckle, hold-your-breath thriller. One reviewer said, "He
writes books that I usually stay up to read until I get to the last
page because the adventure, suspense, and plot are just that good."

Although the book is a YA/Teen adventure, I still caution the younger
readers because of some language, intense situations, and violence.
Nothing too bad, but probably a PG-13.

I hope readers enjoy it and here is a short blurb:

Tom and Will are back again in their new adventure, Steps Into
Darkness. Tom plans to leave Shakertown when a horrific event changes
his mind. Someone is sabotaging a construction site and the boys are
drawn into a perplexing mystery when Tom decides to investigate. Tom
battles with bullies and his past while hunting a mysterious group
called the Knights. After narrow escapes from attempts on their lives,
Tom and Will discover the real villain, and then wish they hadn't.