The All Souls' Waiting Room: A Black Comedy about Karma and Killing Yourself, steampunk novel by Paki S. Wright

Mid-century Greenwich Village and late Victoriana combine in the All Souls' Waiting Room, where a suicidal young woman protagonist, Johnnine Hapgood, has to face a bevy of obstacles before she can be given her ticket for a "p.d.," or premature departure. "You think the universe went to all the trouble of creating you just so you could off yourself?" is one of the first questions she has to answer. Only she can't.

The Akashic Recorder has a few things to show her about her present life. Xofia, the embodiment of feminine wisdom, has some ass-kicking to do. Three dead psychiatrists, Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich, and Carl Jung, all joust for the right treatment -- and lust after the luscious Xofia. Will she or won't she be returned to her life on Earth? Only the Waiting Room knows for sure.

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