The Murder of Crows - kindle ebook by David H Sharp

When the sky is drenched with death, there is nowhere to hide.
If you mess with mother nature she will turn around and punish you. In
this case she turns around and rips you to shreds, beware we reap what
we sow.

After a few years of mutating and interbreeding untouched by humans in
the bleak wilderness of the Brecon Beacons the crows are in need of a
new source of food. The taste of blood and the flesh of men and women
quenches their unrelenting hunger but soon they must move out of the
mountains to the towns and cities.

The result is catastrophic. The hunters now become the hunted. Can
they be stopped?
Our fate is in the hands of few, join them on their quest to stop the
murder of crows.