The One Butt Cheek Rule - a kindle motorcycling book by Enes Memic

Becoming a good motorcyclist takes time, patience, and practice. But
what if there was a shortcut? What if there were simple concepts you
could incorporate into your riding that would make you a better rider
the very next time you threw a leg over the saddle?

If you've been looking for this shortcut, you're in luck, because The
One Butt Cheek Rule is your first step. In this book, you'll learn:

-How to use your butt to help you corner better
-Where to place your feet to give you maximum control over your bike
-What three items can save you in almost any emergency
-How to get a knee down

And more!

The techniques in this book were culled from more than a decade of
riding, research, track days, and riding schools. Apply them to your
riding, and you will gain more control over your motorcycle-and put a
big smile on your face the next time you ride.