The "Shucking" Truth - kindle eBook by Rachel Shuck

If you just can't seem to lose those last few pounds or are ready to
be at a healthy weight permanently, this book was written just for
you. Learn how to finally lose those dang stubborn pounds, and better
yet, learn how surprisingly it's not YOU, it's THEM! Quickly find out
how the food industry keeps you fat and eating. Everyone knows by now
that fast food and junk food make you fat. But did you know that most
of what you think is healthy is actually making you pack on the
pounds? This isn't the same spiel about how fast food makes you fat,
this book shows all the ways they sabotage our so-called "healthy"
foods. This easy read will shock you and inspire you to take action.
Written in an entertaining style that breaks scientific material down
into a way that feels more entertaining and less like a text-book,
it's perfect for the person who needs the quick why and how to make
changes but doesn't have the time to dig around and do all the
research for themselves. The material in this book can be applied
starting on day one. For less than one trip through the drive-thru you
can start making changes to finally live the healthy life you deserve.

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