The Umbrella Option - Kindle ebook by W.F.Walsh

KIRKUS - “A Sophisticated Thriller!”

CITY PAPER:  “An Action Packed Debut!”

Special Agent Jake Stein is the head of the Miami field office, Homeland Security Investigations, and a fast-burner within the ranks of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The Brooklyn native has a history of solving cases that involve illicit drug smuggling and human trafficking. When he starts to hear “noise” about possible terrorist movements in his area of responsibility, he has no idea who and what he is up against.

Stein finds himself pitted against a terrorist group who plans to smuggle a nuclear device onto a cruise ship, sail it to Miami and take out most of South Florida. Now he must join forces with the feds, the mob and even a washed-up television actor to stop what could be the next 9/11 catastrophe.

Packed with action, page-turning suspense and political intrigue, The Umbrella Option is an intense, brilliantly orchestrated work of fiction that will grab hold and keep readers at the edge of their seats until the very end.