The Woods Are Dark This Night - kindle ebook by Howard J Waldrop

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Will you dare to follow Sir Reginald on his frightening journey?

"The Woods Are Dark This Night" is the tale of Sir Reginald, a royal knight.  He has found himself lost in a dark forest at night.  He has no recollection of how or when he got there.  All He knows is that he is in a small clearing littered with the bodies and debris of some battle.  He searches the battle field for a means to defend himself, finding only useless and rusted relics.  He eventually finds a decent shield and chooses the best sword he could find; this sword being broken and will work as well as a dagger.  Reginald knows this sword is more for show as is the lion's roar, than the teeth behind it.  After arming himself, Reginald ventures into the forest in search for answers to where he is, and why he is there.  His journey is filled supernatural and horrifying events such as ghostly lanterns, seemingly living trees, ominous shadowy figures, and being attacked on a small boat by a giant creature, all the while trying to maintain his sanity as he confronts his own fear and mortality.  Do you dare to follow Sir Reginald on his frightening journey, or will you succumb to your own fear and turn back?