True Cliche's - an Ebook by Porsche Cucelli

True Cliché's is a multipart romantic mystery. It is the first installment in The Kirby Riles Romance Series. Kirby is a struggling reporter who has been put on part time temporary assignment with the Boston Herald. He is being punished because he wrote an article about corruption in local politics that upset some pretty big dogs. Consequently he has been freelancing, writing romance novels and whatever he can to stay alive. But his abilities as an investigative journalist have not gone unappreciated or unnoticed. Giacomina Agata Fabroni, Congressman Anthony Luigi Fabroni's very unsatisfied wife, has taken note of his abilities. She offers him two things that he can't refuse or resist; Dirt on her husband the Congressman, and intimate knowledge of Gia Fabroni. Mrs Fabroni is bipolar, and one of the many unknown side effects of her condition is hyper-sexuality. She doesn't want release, she needs it and she needs it badly, as in must have it. Kirby is offered a strange "deal" by Mrs. Fabroni. If he participates, it could make his career as a journalist. On the other hand, if the story is not told in the right way, it could endanger Gia.


The following are a few excerpts from True Cliches. In the paragraph below, Kirby sees Gia for the first time. 

"The shape of her hips was a masterpiece of feminine architecture. Their flare and sweep called to a long lost pre-Cambrian instinct buried deep in my genes. The parabola of procreation whispered down arched interior spaces forgotten for eons. It echoed in the far flung reaches of my unconscious, surfacing just enough to shock my sensibilities. The message I received, curved towards an impending intersection. In a deeply lustful haze, I strode forward and touched her garment covered hips with my hands."  

Further along in the same series of events,(below) Gia and Kirby finish their introduction in a most "proper fashion!" 

 "Gia and I had now become a semi going downhill with no brakes. We were both careening wildly towards an explosion of sensation. It was shaping up to be an intensely shared mutual experience that would trump any personal introduction either one of us had ever had. After all, we had really never been "properly introduced". I guess this would just have to do!"

This story does have poetic, yet explicit sexual scenes. It is dramatic, madcap and sensual. I take a good deal of artistic license in my descriptions of some of the afore mentioned events.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Good reading!

Porsche Cucelli