Weed Therapy - kindle ebook by Mark Paxson

Weed Therapy, my new novel, tells the story of Kelvin Rockwell, frustrated with his life, angry at his wife, and feeling separated from his children -- Spencer, 13, and Jason, 4.. 


In a moment of desperation, he follows a stranger's advice and flees to Santo Cielo, a village on the coast of Mexico that time has just about forgotten.  There he meets Father Juan Miguel Santos, an old priest who has seen many things in his life.

Father Santos shares his wisdom with Kelvin and in his few days in the village, Kelvin also experiences the lessons that only life and death can teach a person.  He returns home dedicated to putting what he has learned into action, experiencing success with his children, but struggling with how to bridge the divide with his wife.

Weed Therapy is about the frustration of relationships and how that frustration can grow.  The title refers to the first lesson Father Santos teaches Kelvin.  Life is like a flower garden.  It must be weeded every day to keep the flowers blooming as beautifully as possible.  Kelvin takes this lesson and applies it to his marriage.  A relationship where the flowers can only bloom if both people are doing the weeding.

Give it a try.  Carrie Rubin, author of The Seneca Scourge, describes it this way:  The author has a knack for description, and his words sucked me into Kelvin and Father Santos's world so deeply that I wouldn't be surprised if I encountered them out on the street. I recommend this book to anyone looking for an introspective glimpse into a marriage on the rocks.

Jane Thomson, author of Deeper, adds her two cents:  I've just finished reading Weed Therapy in one gripping session. It's an insightful book about a marriage under strain.