WORM - a Kindle eBook by Steve Foreman


"Worm" embraces the Fantasy genre in a proven and traditional "Sword
and Sorcery" fashion, yet introduces alternative and possibly unique
magic concepts, new species of fantastic beings and unexpected comic
characters, all of which spewed forth from the author's somewhat
twisted imagination and morbid sense of humor. If you like trolls,
dragons and witches, helmed warriors and wizards, and elvish folk (not
Elves) and dwarvish folk (not Dwarves), then you have come to the
right place... but you will also discover within a scattering of spies
and traitors and anti-heroes and sad, tormented creatures begging for
release from their miserable lives.

Throughout this convoluted adventure there are also subtle and
humorous references to real historic places and individuals, which
lend lighter moments to this often somber story.

This quest tale is populated by a huge cast of diverse characters,
including heroic warriors, fantastic creatures, evil beings, huge
monsters and unexpected allies and is filled with memorable deeds of
bravery, selfless determination, courage and unassailable love, all
set against a background of war, sorcery, betrayal, bloody conflict
and great tragedy that takes place in a fictitious land with a
cultural setting reminiscent of the Saxon/Viking occupations of