90 Minute Business Plan - kindle ebook by Fraser J Hay


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Want to document your business model, vision & strategy in 90 minutes or
When it comes to writing your business plan, do you know:
* How many leads you need to give you the revenue you want?
* What revenue you need to give you the ROI that you want?
* Do you know which routes to market you should be taking?
* How much you should or need to be charging for your time?
˃˃˃ The 90 minute business plan is a real world practical tool NOT
an ivory tower academic exercise. Having applied the contents of
The 90 Minute Business Plan, you will be able to succinctly describe
and document...
* The real problems you fix or solve for customers
* Exactly, who the potential recipients of your solutions, are
* All your revenue streams in your business model
* All your online, offline & mobile routes to market
* The Objectives & ROI that you want to achieve
* The resources you need in order to execute & achieve your plan
* The required steps you need to take -
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