Angelic Answers: Love Letters for Daily Life - Kindle ebook by Kathryn Magee

Love Letters written to you, sharing the love, light and joy from your angels.

Did you know that your angels are with you every second of every day?
That they are sending you love, joy and answers to questions and
issues that you struggle with? All you have to do is ask for their
help, then sit quietly and receive the answers. In this book, Kathryn
Magee transcribes the messages she hears from the angels. Messages to
help you understand the love, some of the "why things didn't happen
the way I wanted it to happen". This is a book of Love Letters, from
the angels to you, showing you how much love is yours. Written in a
non-denominational manner, this book is for anyone that gets a little
down, a little lonely or a little sad from time to time, and wants a
pick me up to bring them back into their center, and to help remind
you that you are blessed and loved beyond your imagining.