Arizona Sunset - kindle ebook by Rain Trueax

Arizona Sunset is mixture of he/she attraction, personal choices, guts and the love of the border country. Southern Arizona is still rough, but in 1880's it was changing really fast with the Apache an issue and "old fashioned" entrepreneurs abounding.

The San Rafael valley, the Huachuca, Catalina, and Chiricahua  mountains and Tucson have been a major draw to me since I first lived there in 1965.

A long time fan and 'student of the arts' commented: 
"This book is you and your life experience rolled into a fantasy and historic period. Good luck on the paper back."  She was right in more ways than she knows ... and she knew me in grad school  ;-) .

Another.."I just downloaded the book. I love your work." A Texan no-less.

The main characters Sam and Abigail are searching for their dream. They show up again in the second book of the Arizona series, "Tucson Moon", where friends,'family' and character play a major role in shaping the outcome.  Just like Life. 
The family connection continues into modern times with "Desert Inferno", the first book published... even closer to someone's real life.

See you between the pages.