Birth Offering - kindle ebook by Anthony Hains

Birth Offering is a horror novel about a boy thrust into a living nightmare, and the cumulative psychological impact of evil actions by multiple past generations.

Birth Offering falls into the subgenre of horror often referred to as "creepy kid" horror. While the "creepy kid" label is typically applied when a young character is the villain (whether a psychopath, a ghost, a demon, or a vampire), the genre is also conferred on a novel in which a young protagonist - who may or may not be troubled in some way - has to deal with supernatural circumstances. Birth Offering straddles both types of examples with multiple young characters: a kid fighting for his life – a life which is uniquely meshed with something horrifying - and a cluster of other kids who are pure and undeniably evil.

All of these "creepy kids" gracefully run amok in Birth Offering

When fourteen year old Ryan Perry moves to his grandmother's coastal home in South Carolina, he is haunted by a malevolent entity masquerading as his double – a specter of ancient evil intent on destroying Ryan. As the hauntings become dangerous, Ryan encounters an additional threat: two menacing feral boys and their caretaker somehow connected to this other twin. Ryan soon realizes that in order to save himself and his family, he must confront the all-to-real presence of an unimaginable evil.