Calling Me Back, Again - kindle ebook by Laura Haley-McNeil

When I met my husband, a concert pianist, the world of classical music revealed itself to me. I met many wonderful people, but I learned many dark secrets about this profession. These musicians work harder than anyone I've ever known. For classically trained musicians, performing venues are scarce and competition is fierce, not only on the stage but also for teaching positions. These people love the stage, the accolades, the recognition. And what of their secrets?

I couldn't resist to take what I had learned and weave it into a story about a man named Cayden Kincaide who left the backwoods of Indiana to pursue his love of music. Three women pass through his life. There is Deneen, the Miss Teen USA beauty queen. She is beautiful but what is this secret that wakes her up in the middle of the night sobbing? And what of Rachel, steel mill heiress and brilliant composer, who knows what she has achieved will slip away from her? And finally we meet Linda, a devoted mother whose secret from a brutal marriage makes her fearful of ever loving again.

This story reveals Cayden's relationships, but inside of him is a still small voice calling to him, calling him back, again, to a life he had shunned and now longs for.