Darker Side Endings - A collection of short horror/suspense stories


What sort of twisted endings are waiting for you on the dark side?
8 short horror/suspense stories that will have you hooked from the
first page to the very last.
This is what you will find when you begin your descent into darkness...

SPIKES--A brutal murder in Boston, Massachusetts. The suspect is a
disturbing but beautiful woman with a fondness for
whips and black leather.

SHANGLIN FOREST--A forest ruled by grizzlies is in danger of
destruction and bloodshed.

THE BLACK EGG-- Three friends encounter a horrifying monster from another world.

DATE MISTAKE--Will make you think twice about blind dates.

AMANDA IN RED--Beware of the girl in the blood stained white dress.

THE STUDENT--A teacher gets taught a deadly lesson.

PRETTY LADY--Falling in love can be hard if you don't believe in yourself.

and THE DEVILS ALTAR--A night of partying ends up being a terrifying
night from hell.

This collection of stories is in the tradition of Twilight Zone, Tales
From the Dark Side andNight Gallery. Some of them may scare the hell
out of you.
Once you discover the dark side, there is no turning back...