Deception Peak (The Ian's Realm Saga #1) - kindle ebook by Dianne Lynn Gardner

What if your computer suddenly went haywire? What if you discovered
the game you were playing backed your entire house into a portal? What
if a blue circlet of light flashed onto your living room floor. When
you clicked your monitor remote you were transported into a world of
magic where the wind sings, the natives worship a fire breathing
dragon, and the lone and eerie mountain lures you into its deceptive

Ian isn't ready to leave his home but if he didn't follow his
adventurous father through the portal, he worried he'd end up an
orphan. What was only going to be a weekend excursion on horseback
through some lovely country in a mysterious world turned into a
nightmare. Once abducted, fifteen year old Ian's struggle to free
himself from captivity, find his dad in the dark and dangerous caves
under the dragon's lair, and return to his safe little house in
Seattle becomes his only purpose in life.

That is, until he meets the forest dwellers who are determined to free
their Realm from the dragon's tyranny.

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