The Three Doors - kindle ebook by Brian D Holland

A superb Halloween thriller!

The Three Doors is a paranormal horror/thriller about a group of friends and colleagues who infiltrate a castle inhabited by an evil cult. Jared Helm, the story's main character, arrives at the seacoast castle through an out-of-body experience, and eventually learns that the Satanic group is an offshoot of the Irish and English Hellfire clubs of old. He also learns that the group abducts individuals for ritual sacrifice and murder. The unfortunate victims, Jared's girlfriend being one of them, are held captive in the castle's dungeon until the group is ready for them. The infiltration takes place on the night of Halloween, during the group's grand ritual of Samhain. However, the cult eventually catches on to the fact that they're being watched, and they cause many horrifying scenarios to transpire on the way to the big foray. Numerous demonic interventions act as barriers against each move the friends make. There are many twists and turns in this exciting story, and not many dull moments. But keep in mind, the novel is not for youngsters below high school age, and it's certainly not for the squeamish or those who scare too easily. It's truly a frightening story, one that involves subject matter of Heaven and Hell, Christianity and Satanism, and demonology.