Following Your Heart - romance kindle ebook by Cheryl Persons

When Cassie and Seth said their goodbyes 10 years ago, neither one knew what was in store for their future.  However, they both moved on and fulfilled their dreams.  When Cassie is forced to go back to visit her family in Texas, she is overcome figuring out what she truly desires our of her life.  A family celebration throws her back in the mix with Seth and she starts to believe that everything she THOUGHT she wanted out of life was just a foolish quest.

Seth had never gotten over her; he tried to move on, but it was all wrong.  When he sees Cassie again, he is even more convinced that she would be the only girl for him.  Although, it isn't easy convincing her that he is the one for her.  Will Cassie follow her heart back to Seth?  Or, will she turn away from him and move on with a new boyfriend?  She must look inside herself to find what matters most.

"Hey you have any extra links to go in this watch?"  Courtney was staring at Cassie, when their eyes locked; who was now staring at her. When their eyes connected, Cassie could feel the awkwardness in the room.  She hoped that Courtney would break the silence, but Courtney just focused on Cassie and no one said a word.  Finally, after an eternity, a smile crossed over Seth's face.  "Cassie"?  His voice was a bit on the shaky side.  They slowly walked toward each other and without thinking Cassie threw her arms round his neck.  She was relieved that he didn't pull away, but instead he held her tighter.  "Cassie, it's so good to see you."  He replied his breath was warm against her ear.
"It's good to see you too Seth."  She whispered.