How to Run a Home-Based eBay Store - Kindle ebook by Annette Shaw

Don't you think most eBay guide books sound like an infomercial? This eBook is essentially a gas-free eBay guide. Most eBay books out there offer pages of information easily found on the eBay site itself. This short 50 page 'how to' book gets right to the point and is choke full of useful direct supply links, online inventory resources, listing hints and so much more including, as a bonus, where you can sell the same inventory simultaneously on several other sites making you more profits quickly.

I've written this with the stay home mom in mind, meaning everything is delivered and shipped right from your front door saving you gas, hassles and time. I know this works because I've developed this system myself and only now sharing it with you because I've decided to move on to indie writing. I won't promise you'll get rich but you will help make ends meet supplementing your family income. Who wouldn't want a guide showing you how to get by while being able to stay home with your babes?