How To Value Invest - Kindle eBook by Jason Rivera

The premise of this book is very simple: You no longer need to go to
an expensive Ivy League level school to learn how to become an
excellent value investor, and I am going to show you the steps I took
to teach myself about investing and how you too can become an
excellent value investor without going to college. Almost 100% of the
information I learned from was found free online but I did supplement
with books which is where some minimal costs came from. If you want
to become an excellent value investor faster, while also saving
yourself a lot of money in the process, then continue on and learn
from my value investing journey. The book is geared towards beginner
and intermediate level value investors to help reduce the main problem
and frustration I had when I started to teach myself; wasted time. A
small portion of what will be taught in the book is below:

1. How to use the valuation techniques that I use, how to adjust
them, and what they mean for the overall investment thesis.

2. How to properly evaluate a company's financial reports,
profitability ratios, and debt ratios to help decide if the company is
a potentially good investment.

3. I will tell you how I make sell decisions now and how I used
to make them. This includes me sharing how I missed out on a nearly
70% gain because I didn't have the proper sell decision processes in
place when fully invested and how you can avoid the same mistakes.

4. I will share with you how I do research now and how I used to
do research by showing you how to discard bad companies a lot faster
which will save you a lot of time and leads to finding better
companies quicker.

If you learn and put into practice what is shown in the book, work
hard, continue to learn, and develop your own proper thought,
investment processes, and mind-set than I guarantee that you will be a
better at evaluating companies for investment than most MBA's and
professional level investors all for less than 1/3 of the price of ONE
college textbook, for a fraction of the cost of going to a university,
and you will also be saving yourself YEARS of time from having to find
all of this information by yourself like I had to.