Industrial jihad - The autumn of the Arab spring - a espionage novel by Svetlin Barzakov

Espionage and adventure book, which takes a look behind the curtains
of the uprisings in Northern Africa, known as "The Arab spring". All
characters are fictional, but I believe that events described in the
novel really happend, of course with small diferences. The "Arab
Spring" is at its height. On both sides of the front lines in the
rebelling countries, similar things are taking place - the arms trade
is prospering. The difference is in the people involved in the arms
business and to a certain extent the way in which they are perceived
by the world. One part of them are perceived as freedom fighters,
while the others are unscrupulous murderers. In the second part of the
book we meet Holger Bernd – an elite investigative journalist who has
discovered information which will shock the world. He is killed before
he can reveal it. The crime forms the basis for the main narrative
thread. The murder investigation is entrusted to Nicholas Andersen, an
agents from the European Intelligence Service (EIS), a secret section
of the European Union.
Become a part of a thrilling action and collisions between agents from
CIA, EIS, weapon dealers and their supporters. I hope that You will
like it!