Inspirational Readings - Complete Collection of Sermon Transcripts by Mike Connell

Free promotion dates: October 14-18

Massive collection of about 150 sermon transcripts:

- Audio Transcripts

- Sermon Notes

- Prophetic Artwork

- Links to Audio & Video (free downloads)

Wide range of topics covered, including:

- Apostolic Training Series (x3)

- Speaking in Tongues

- Deliverance & Healing

- Tattoos, Cutting, Stamping

- Overcoming Depression and Negativity

- Resolving Anger, Bitterness, & Revenge

- Finance, Money, Stewardship, Tithing

- Moving in the Gifts of the Spirit (Prophecy etc)

- Foundational Principles of Christianity (Hebrews 6:1-3)

- Victim Mentalities & Victim Thinking

- Finding your own unique Purpose & Destiny in life

- Kings Training, learning to think and act like a King.

- Family & Gender roles, healthy family relationships

- Understanding supernatural laws and principles

- Includes sermons by visiting speaker Shane Willard

About Mike Connell:

An internationally recognized teacher of the Word, Pastor Mike moves
powerfully in prophetic, deliverance and inner healing gifts. His
strong love and sensitivity for God and His people have enabled him to
minister and bring great healing to the hurt and broken. A man full of
the Spirit and faith, Pastor Mike will open and take you to another
level of spiritual encounters with God. He is sought after all over
the world to bring teaching and great moves of God. He has standing
yearly appointments teaching in international Bible Schools and
impacting many of the world's leaders in conventions and business
conferences. Mike has a heart for people and is able to bring a
wonderful balance of humor, compassion and truth to his teaching
messages. Mike's anointed messages are ones that have affected the
hearts of people worldwide.