Nazi Secrets - kindle ebook by Frank Lost

Sometimes reality can be stranger than fiction. It is therefore
unnecessary to add wishful fantasies to the genuine historical facts
in the field of Nazi occultism, especially when it comes to their
weird expeditions, and their pseudo-scientific researches.

The true amateur of sensational and strange stories can still be fully
satisfied with Himmler's Witch Project, or the Hollow Earth Theory, or
the various moons of the World Ice Theory falling on our planet that
drowned the Atlanteans. This is real history and some high ranking
Nazis did believe in these theories, no matter how sensational they
may sound to modern ears.

The Nazi era was like a breach in space and time that some authors
called "The Absolute Elsewhere". What happened during these almost 12
years of dictatorship, at the heart of Europe, in one of the most
civilized and industrially advanced country, does not match the moral,
philosophical and almost religious values that existed everywhere else
at the same time in the world. There is therefore a need to revisit
all historical proven facts linked to Nazi "oddities" that one rarely
finds in mainstream historians' books.

True occultism did exist in Nazi Germany but was not widespread. It
was mainly centered on Himmler's personal fantasies and his small
circle of high ranking officers. Himmler was though the very powerful
Reichsführer of the feared SS, and as such could introduce occult and
religious practices in the training of his elite soldiers like for
example at the Wewelsburg castle. He founded an almost occult and
pseudo-scientific institute called the Ahnenerbe that lead expeditions
as far as Tibet or searched for the Holy Grail in the South of France.
Last but not the least, Himmler was very much interested in the
persecution of witches during the Middle Ages.

Fantasies, urban legends, literary inventions and pure lies came after
the war at the beginning of the 60s. Any book that dealt with Nazis
and the Occult, Satan, UFOs or secret treasures was assured to be sold
at thousands of exemplars. Among the purely commercial approach of
fake historians and story-tellers, there were though a few fanatic
people who managed, by their writings and teachings, to develop a kind
a semi-religious version of Nazism that is the basis until these days
for neo-Nazi movements throughout the world. We therefore deal more
deeply with such themes as the Black Sun and the Vril force that
pervade many of these Nazi New Age creeds.

This book aims at separating historical facts, how esoteric and
strange they can be, from Post War fabrications and commercial lies.
The amateur of mysteries and dark secrets will not be disappointed
though since in this quest reality is often stranger than fiction.