Night Tide - Kindle EBook by Michael W. Sherer

NIGHT TIDE is the sequel to the 2013 Thriller Award-nominated "Night
Blind," the debut novel in the Blake Sanders thriller series.

Friends don't let friends go to jail and live to tell about it.
Twenty-some years ago, Blake Sanders's best friend Perry Langford was
arrested and convicted of murder for a campus bombing, but Langford
always maintained his innocence, claiming someone else blew up the
building. Not even Blake knows what really happened, and he was there,
a secret he's kept all this time. Now Langford is out of prison, and
he's gunning for all those he holds responsible for his stint in stir,
including Blake. Whoever planted the bomb is cleaning up loose ends,
and the prize they're still seeking after all this time—a
revolutionary battery design—is worth a fortune, even worth selling
out one's own country…and killing for.