The Global Financial Crisis is NOT Financial - Kindle ebook by Sharad Awasthi

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What are 3 important learning from this global financial crisis
applicable to all other businesses?
One – There was lot of mis-information in the global financial system
which led to very poor decision making. All organizations have
blind-spots. We need to identify those and bring them into radar.
Two – Some players knew more than the others, hence it was easier to
manipulate the others. The global financial system was manipulated to
achieve advantage for few. Information Asymmetry plays within and
outside the organizations. They form the tail-risk and therefore
high-potential source of crisis.
Three – Right Information at Right Time holds the key to preventing a
crisis in any business. A new architecture (as shown in page 269) is
reconstructed based on this principle and is a reference framework for
all other business to follow, (if they want to run a crisis proof
This book is analyzes the current financial crisis and recommends ways
using the concept of 'Quality of Information', to make the financial
system as crisis-proof entity. Step-by-step, the book explains the
components of financial system describing in detail the failure of
information and correlating their failures as responsible factors for
the current global crisis.
Quality of Information is a least used concept in the field today
because quality is assumed to be assured with the use of information
technology. The data processed may be of high quality but the
information created may be not of highest quality. The readers will
discover this modern day peril from this book.
All organization work on quality of data but rarely do they work on
For the non-financial sector, this book provides an opportunity to the
senior management to introspect on their information lifecycle which
could be a potential factor of crisis in their organization.

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