Out of the Night - kindle ebook by Geri Foster


Out of the Night is the third book in the Falcon Series. While it is a
series, it's not a connected book. All three books stand alone. Out of
the Night is an intriguing story that digs deep into the world of
terrorism and dishonest politicians. It's also a survival story about
a Falcon Agent, Tony Archeulletta, who's been subjected to an
experimental truth serum that destroys his memory. Abby Williams is an
investigative reporter who's been on several dangerous assignments.
She never expected to be sent to rescue her ex-lover, and together set
out to save the world.
From Moscow, to Saint Petersburg, to Cairo to Damascus they track a
dangerous terrorist who is holding the most valuable CIA agent
hostage. Plans are being made to expose every agent in the European
and Middle Eastern parts of the world.
Can Tony and Abby do the impossible? Will Tony ever be normal again?
Will love win the hearts and minds of two people destined to be
together? Will Tony and Abby make it out alive?