The Cagliostro Chronicles - Kindle Ebook by Ralph L. Angelo Jr.

A high octane, exciting space adventure set in the near future as mankind breaks the light speed barrier for the first time entering a universe fraught with conspiracies, danger and hostile aliens. But what do they really want with the crew of the Cagliostro, mankind's first faster than light star cruiser and the rest of humanity? Join Mark Johnson, CEO of Johnson aerospace and the genius behind the Cagliostro's unique technology as well as the ships captain, Dan Sledge, the genetically engineered power house pilot/engineer, Ariel O'Connor, the gorgeous communications officer, telepath, and Mark's girlfriend, Eddie Di Genovese, the ships wise cracking marksman and weapons officer, and James 'Red' Rubinski , the ships grim and dour faced security officer as they battle their way from one end of the universe to the other. The crew of the Cagliostro will seek to uncover a long standing mystery that, unless they do, will crush the earth itself in a grip of unending evil, possibly killing everyone on the planet!

Will the Cagliostro and its crew be able to discern the truth behind earths failed space programs and whose is the true hand behind so many failures and losses over the years? Furthermore, will they be able to do it in time to save the entire planet from subjugation and destruction?  Find out within the pages of 'The Cagliostro Chronicles'