The Holy Vial - supernatural horror thriller by Alfredo Ramirez

A demonic virus conceived to annihilate humankind is on the verge of escaping from its eternal prison. Two small vials found deep in the caves of Eastern Egypt unleash yet another chapter of an ongoing battle to destroy life on Earth. Ancient scriptures predict five portents as heralds of the end of times and powerful religious organizations keep watch for signs of their happening. Anything or anyone remotely connected with these omens will be destroyed.

Father Andrew, a Jesuit, is at the end of his archaeological career and has not scored big. His ambition is to become a luminary in his field: ancient artifacts. His luck changes for good after the appearance of his current apprentice, a Palestinian boy of unknown origin and with a keen eye for finding fertile sites and burials. Together they unearth two small vials in a hard to reach cave in eastern Egypt. The vials are at the center of a never ending war: God and Jesus have quarreled; the first, intent on destroying humankind which He considers a failed experiment, and the second on preserving it.

Father Andrew barely leaves the cave alive and with the vials in his possession, is abducted by one of The Lost Tribe of Bedouins, and his escape almost drives him to complete madness, with hounds from hell hot in his trail on his way to Cairo.  At the brink of death, he delivers the vials to his ex-mentor, Brother Eustace, a fierce and fanatic warrior of the faith. Brother Eustace is torn between his loyalty to his Old Testament God, and Jesus The Christ, or the weakling, as he calls Him. He has to decide, and soon, since The Elders, powerful Jewish scholars whose mission is to recognize the signals of the end of times, join forces with The Catholic Church to kill him, for he seems to be triggering the Portents of earth’s demise, as written in an ancient script. The intensity of the struggle is fueled by the intervention of American and Israeli counter terrorist agencies while in hot pursuit of an Arab terrorist close to obtaining a long lost nuclear device, a story that an American journalist needs to obtain to erase her latest disastrous assignment and, in the same scoop, get her a Pulitzer Prize.

Supernatural forces intervene, Earth being the battleground and the vials the coveted bounty. Unevenly matched, hounded by netherworld creatures, and betrayed by all, Brother Eustace fights darkness and light, low on resources and faith.